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Good advice.
Good feels.
We’ll get you the lowest home loan rate possible, we’ll do it fast, and we’ll make a complex process simple. Plus we'll do everything we can to get your home loan approved when others say they can’t.
Best of all, our service doesn’t cost you a thing and we think you’ll love working with us.
Preliminary borrowing assessment

Already in love with a property? Are you financially ready to make an offer?

Answer 6 simple questions and our financial strategist will do a preliminary financial borrowing assessment on your situation based on the answers you’ve provided.

Start today and you could have your finances sorted in as little as one week.

Get financial approval now!
our approach

Access the lowest interest rates.

Unlike a bank who only can only offer their own loan products, we have access to over 40 lenders and 100’s of products, from credit unions to major banks and everything in between

We are all over promotions and incentives on offer and our intimate understanding of each lenders policies means we know how to access the lowest possible rate for you in any market.

Have your loan approved faster.

We’ll do whatever it takes at whatever time to get your loan sorted. That means taking calls after hours, and on the weekends.

When you’ve got to push, we push hard. It helps that we also have earned elite status with many of our lenders which means our loans will skip to the front of the line and be processed as a priority over others without it.

Work with qualified people who genuinely want to help you.  

Not only are our team experienced mortgage brokers who have helped thousands of people get home loans, they all have finance backgrounds with qualifications ranging from Commerce to Chartered Accounting.

This combination of skill and knowledge means you get to work with people who’ll you sort out your finances and provide you with growth strategies that will help you gain financial freedom for your future, sooner.

Get a home loan when you think you can’t.

It’s true, it’s harder for some people to get loans than others. In most cases, if you’ve been told you can’t get a loan, the broker or lender may have just put it in the too hard basket because on paper you don’t look like you check all the boxes.

Our thorough understanding of lender policies and our track record of getting difficult loans sorted puts you in a good position to get your loan approved with us.

Get a health check on your home loan.

You could save thousands of dollars.

Lenders have incentives and deals on offer on the regular, particularly if you’re a new customer.
Find out if you’re on a competitive rate, or if we can secure you a better one and save you thousands of dollars.
You'll find out in just 3 hours
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First home loans.

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Owner occupier loans.

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Investor loans.

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Construction loans.

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Refinancing loans.

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The Loan Process.

From your initial meeting to the support you get after your loan is sorted.
Find out how it all works.
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our stories
"Recommend these guys! Did all the hard work for us. We had no idea what we were doing and they gave us the best advice and very informative. Fantastic communication, so never felt like we were just waiting around to hear from them. Would 100% get future loans and advice from Goodwin Home Loans. Thank you to the whole team."
- Annmaree
"The service we received from Goodwin Home Loans was excellent. Matt and Chris were friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs, and they made us feel comfortable and confident in what can be a very stressful process. We would definitely recommend Goodwin Home Loans to anybody planning to buy a property."
- Kim
"Matt and his team are fantastic. They made the who experience easy with their knowledge, advise and their pursuit of the best deal for the circumstances of their customer. Can't recommend highly enough"
- Verity
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