Investor loans
investor loans

Whether it’s your first time, or you have a portfolio of investment properties, you are here because you know that an investment property can help you grow your wealth and get you closer to financial freedom faster than most jobs ever will.

You’re probably all over the advantages of owning an investment property like capital growth, tax deductions and even earning a passive income. Now it's time to take a deeper look at how you can make your money work best for you.

We’re property investors too and we know that every property investment strategy is different. The strategy you take will be dependent on your specific circumstances right now. We can help you with a strategy that will work for you.

Borrowing capacity evaluation
Equity review and access strategy
Preliminary borrowing and repayments assessment
Current loan rate reduction plan
Multiple property loan structure review and set up
Investment loan specialist bank access
Everything you need to do and when checklist

Get a detailed assessment of your situation and find out what you can do right now!

So you can increase your earnings, save money or both, and make your money work for you.
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Our calculators.

Here are some of the most common loan calculators used by investors exploring options.
These might help you too.
investment Portfolio growth consultation

Ready to find out how to maximise your current portfolio, or take the first steps to starting one?

Get the right investment loan (there are wrong ones)
Set up structure correctly for the long-term saving thousands in fees and interest
Alleviate and manage cashflow efficiently
Maximise your borrowing capacity

You’ll walk away from our 30 minute session with all the answers you need to make your next investment move.

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buying off the plan

Find out the perks, pitfalls and processes around gaining finance for an off the plan property.

Download our 4-point buying off the plan guide.
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