First home loans
first home loans

You’re here and exploring how to buy your first home. Congrats on taking the first step.

It can be daunting getting your first home loan. There’s a lot to get your head around, not to mention the loan itself is likely to be a substantial amount of money.

You don’t have to take this big step by yourself, that’s what we’re here for. We can help you every step of the way or with anything in between.

Deposit savings plans
Setting up healthy financial habits
Repayment budget plan  
What you need to do and when checklists
Guarantor loan set up

Get a detailed assessment of your situation and find out what you can do right now!

Once we know more about you and your financial position, we can help you set up your finances the right way today, so you can buy sooner.
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Our calculators.

Here are some of the most common loan calculators used by first home buyers exploring options for their first home loan.
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guarantor loans

With a guarantor loan, you can buy now even when you don’t have a deposit.

A guarantor is typically a family member, like a parent who agrees to offer their own property as security on the loan. The bank lends you 80% which is secured against the property you buy, and the remaining amount (20-25% which includes Lenders Mortgage Insurance - LMI) is secured against your guarantors’ property. If you have any savings, that will reduce the amount secured against your guarantors’ property.

Must knows about Guarantor loans:

You still have to be able to service the loan, your guarantor just helps you secure it
A guarantor loan is the only way you can borrow between 100% and 105% of a property’s purchase price.
You’ll save money by not paying an LMI premium
You can access lower interest rates available when not paying LMI
Many first home buyers can remove the guarantor from the loan in 3 - 5 years
Find out if you can apply for a Guarantor loan.
We’ll take you and your guarantor through it all in detail so you can decide if this is the right move for you.
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Government schemes and concessions

The government wants to help you buy your first home sooner.

Explore the current schemes and concessions you’re eligible for as a first home buyer.
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our stories
"Highly recommended! Matt and Chris were not only incredibly professional, they were thoughtful and patient while guiding our daughter through the successful purchase of her first home."
- Janet
"Great experience working with Matthew from Goodwin Home Loans. As a first home buyer I had a lot of questions and needed further assistance completing all of my forms. Matthew was readily available throughout the entire process and was always willing to answer my questions."
- Catherine
buying off the plan

Find out the perks, pitfalls and processes around gaining finance for an off the plan property.

Download our 4-point buying off the plan guide.
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